Facial Massage

The Azure Facial massage is a pampering, exquisite, and indulgent massage which focuses on the face and the  décolletage. It is a highly popular service enjoyed by both men and women alike. Most people seek out a Facial massage to help circulate the flow of blood around the face and to rehydrate their skin. Often dehydration occurs as a by-product of artificial lighting, air-conditioning, and an array of external environmental conditions.



A Facial massage treatment at Azure Massage Rockhampton begins by gently cleansing the skin of any product or oil that has accumulated just prior to arrival of the appointment.


Following the facial cleanses, a gentle exfoliate is applied. This is designed to give your face a deeper clean and remove any surface oil or product that lingered after the facial cleanse.


Once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, a light moisturizer is gently massaged using fingertips onto the face and décolletage area.


We also include a scalp massage with our service to encourage the blood to circulate freely.

An Azure Facial massage nourishes the skin and facilitates a softer, more youthful, relaxed and  hydrated complexion.